Appointments for a GP or nurse can be made at the desk or on the telephone (0203 049 7444). You can request to see a specific GP if you wish at the time of making your appointment. However, you should bear in mind that this may lengthen the wait for an available appointment.

Booking online – please see Patient Access Online Services. Before full access on Patient Access you will need to bring a form of Photographic ID to the surgery when you will be issued a username and password.

Urgent Appointments

If you have an urgent problem which you feel cannot wait until the next available routine appointment you should ask to be placed on the doctors telephone list. The Duty Doctor that day will aim to call you back within two hours. You will speak to a Doctor on the day who will discuss your health needs and concerns.

Keep It or Cancel It

If you no longer need your appointment please let us know so we can offer it to another patient. Appointments can be cancelled using the same method as they were booked, either online or with reception. We have approximately 200 wasted appointments each month because patients fail to attend their appointment.

IF you are signed up for patent access you can cancel online- thus avoiding the need to phone to cancel and also giving a chance for someone else to use the appointment

Telephone Appointments

If you feel you do not need a face to face appointment but would like some specific medical advice, please let our receptionist know. They can offer you a telephone appointment.

Patient Access- Booking appointments Online

You can now book your appointment online via the link at the top of this page. For new users we will need to activate Online Booking for you here at the surgery and provide you with your password. Please note it will normally take us two working days to process your request.

Your password details will be sent to you by mail in the next few days.

Interpreting Services

We have access to some interpreting services for those patients who cannot speak English, please check with reception.