Prescriptions and Administrative Requests Policy

Dear Patients

We have experienced an increasingly high demand on face to face appointments made to obtain letters, reports and certificates. This ultimately leads to longer waiting times for those patients requiring their medical problems addressed.

To improve access to clinical care, from the 1st of April 2017 the practice will apply a new policy for requests for letters, reports, medical certificates, and repeat prescriptions. You will be asked to hand in all such requests at the reception desk and these will then pass on to the secretarial team for further action.

1. Repeat prescriptions: All repeat prescriptions must be either put in as a written request, online request or electronic prescription system request (through the surgery or your pharmacist). This will take two working days to process. In unforeseen circumstances, should you run out of medication, an urgent prescription for one week will be provided as a one off to allow time of your request to be processed.

2. Letters and reports: You will be asked to leave all requests for letters, medical reports, insurance reports, school reports or any other type of non-clinical activity, at the reception desk. The secretary will pass on your request to the appropriate doctor. Please be aware that most these letters and reports are not a part of the NHS services provided, they are deemed as private activity and may be charged accordingly. You will be informed of such charges on inquiry as requests are made.

3. Medical certificate or Statuary fitness notes: these requests should be left, for the doctor that you normally see, at reception. They would normally be processed in two working days. Occasionally you may be asked to attend for a review before any certificates can be issued.

These changes were discussed and endorsed by the patient participation group.

Please address any queries to Ms Lorraine Weatherman, the practice manager.

Thank you for your continuing cooperation.