Have you been experiencing trouble getting through on our phone system?

Unfortunately we have recently been having issues with our telephone system. Our providers are in the process of setting up a recording device for further investigation. Please note this means some of your calls may be recorded.

If you have been cut off, found yourself moving up and down in the queuing system or answered by a different company we would really appreciate your feedback.

Please email us at surreydocks@nhs.net and answer the following questions. Your feedback will be vital in helping us resolve this issue and we welcome any additional comments or feedback to aid in this investigation.

  • What time was your call?
  • What number did you call?
  • Did you call from a landline or mobile?
  • Did you go into the queuing system?
  • If so what position in the queue were you?
  • How long were you on hold for?

If you were cut off:

  • Was there a silence just before the call was answered?
  • What happened before you were cut off?
  • Did it happen again when you called back?

If your position was moving up/down in the queue:

  • Had you been moving up the queue in the correct order?
  • What position in the queue were you?
  • Were you told you were next to be answered?
  • What position did you end up in?
  • Did this repeatedly happen?

If you were answered at a different company:

  • Were you told you were in the queuing system?
  • What position were you?
  • What happened before the call was answered?
  • Who answered the call?
  • Did you find out the company name/ Location/type of company?
  • Has this ever happened to you before?

Please let us know if you are happy for us to contact you should you need to discuss this further.