Important Information to ensure you remain registered at this practice

You may have received an NHS letter recently asking you to confirm your details. Please do not ignore this as you may be deregistered from our list. This is part of a London-wide program to try and ensure GP lists are accurate.

You may be affected if:

  • You do not go to the GP very often
  • We have slightly incorrect address information e.g. post code
  • You have received a letter from NHS SE London but have not responded
  • You have been invited for a smear, breast screening or bowel screening but have not attended
  • Something has been sent to you but it has not been delivered for some reason
  • If you have received any mail from NHS SE London it is important that you respond so they can confirm you are still registered. For more information on why this is happening, please read this information.

How to Action

If you have received a text or email from us you will need to confirm your details in writing. You can either email us at or alternatively come into the surgery to fill out a form. Please include all of the following details:

Name/date of birth/address/mobile number/home number/email address (If emailing, please ensure the subject title is ‘Confirmation of registration’).