The Practice offers a repeat prescription service for patients who are on regular medication.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by:

Please note: To avoid any possible error and to protect your own safety it is practice policy that we cannot accept any requests for repeat prescriptions by phone.

How to Make a Request

If you are contacting us by fax, please make sure you include your name, date of birth, address and contact telephone number. Specify which medication you require. You need to complete all details accurately, including the exact name and dosage of your medication as it appears on your previous prescriptions.

If you are coming to us in person please bring the right hand side of your previous prescription which lists all of your repeat medication. Please tick ONLY those medications you need. If you do not have the right hand side of your previous script you should complete one of our request forms.

Please provide all requested information accurately. Missing or inaccurate information means we may not be able to complete your request.

When to Re-Order

Do not wait until you are running out of medication. You should request your repeat when you have approximately 2 weeks of medication left.

How Long Does it Take?

Prescriptions will be processed and ready for collection after 2 working days, provided you have given us clear and accurate details. For example if we receive your request on Monday morning, it should be ready by Wednesday afternoon. Prescriptions handed in on Friday will not be ready until Tuesday.

Collecting Your Prescription

You can either collect it in person, or through a nominated person. We can post it to you if you provide us with a S.A.E. (stamped addressed envelope). You can also request for prescriptions to be sent electronically to a nominated pharmacy. – see below Please ask reception for more details.

Electronic Prescription Service ( EPS )

You don’t have to pick up your prescriptions form the surgery, in the past couple of years Electronic prescriptions have meat that you can nominate a pharmacy to have your prescriptions sent to them. This means you can have them delivered to a chemist near home or near where you work. You need to let us know which chemist you want it sent to-IF the chemist is not local then you MUST give us a post code otherwise there is no guanatee it will got to the correct chemist (There are at leas 3 branches of Boots at Canary Wharf)

There are some items that cannot be sent electronically – Controlled Drugs (CDs) for instance, The commonest of these is Tramadol but also morphine based drugs would come into this group. For these you will need to order in the other ways described above.

Read more about the Electronic Prescription Service.

Pharmacy Collection Service

Surdock, Boots & Tesco Pharmacies all provide a free collection service for patients. They can collect your prescriptions on your behalf and all you need to do is pick up your medication once it is ready. If you are interested, you should contact one of the pharmacies directly.

Medication Reviews

To ensure patient safety all medications on a repeat prescription need to be reviewed on a yearly basis- sometimes this involves a simple telephone appointment, sometimes you will need blood test

Why do we review your medication?
Many people need regular reviews of blood pressure and diabetes to see if they need any changes in their medication. Others need monitoring from time to time to ensure that their treatment is correct, for example those on thyroid replacement. Some drugs carry with them the risk of side-effects – and require regular blood test to check that they are still safe to take.

Your doctor will write a note to you, usually on the right hand side of your repeat prescription form, when you are due for a medication review. If necessary, you may be required to have a blood test. If you do not attend for a review appointment your GP will not re-authorise your repeat prescriptions. So make sure you make a review appointment once your last prescription has been issued to avoid any problems.

Problems with getting your prescription?
The commonest reason for not getting a prescription when you have ordered one this is on repeat is that has not been reauthorised. The commonest reasons for this are that you have not had a monitoring test such as a blood pressure check or blood test, most of these are annually but for some e.g. – warfarin they need to be every couple of months
How do I make sure I keep getting repeat prescriptions?
Read the RIGHT side of your prescription – message are put there by the Drs for a reason, if it says pick up a blood test form from reception and go and have a blood test then if you don’t you won’t get a prescription the next time, the same applies for blood pressure checks

If you have not ordered a repeat prescription for a year then the medication automatically drops off the list. The commonest medicines affected by this are for hay fever- usually these do not need a formal medication review but when ordering just add a message that you are happy with the medication and you want it reauthorised
If you are seeing a doctor and you think your medications may be due for review ASK if they can be reauthorised there and then, very often it takes just a few seconds
If you have had your blood tests/BP done following a request to do so – then feel free to give us a gentle reminder to reauthorise the medication both in terms of number of issues and review date.
Be proactive – see our self management pages about ordering monitoring checks if you have medication for high blood pressure, Heart disease Diabetes, COPD and asthma

Generic Prescribing

You will normally be prescribed a generic drug rather than a branded one. These drugs are no different except that the branded drugs cost the NHS more.

If you want to know more about your medicines we can recommend this useful website below. If after this you still need more information please contact us at the surgery or speak to your local pharmacist.