Antenatal and Postnatal Care

We now encourage women who are pregnant to book with the midwives at St Thomas’ Hospital directly.

You should do this as soon as you can and certainly by the 8th week after your last period.

If you have a significant underline medical problem, eg- under or overactive thyroid, heart disease or diabetes, we would want you to leave an urgent message for one of the doctors so that we can talk to you to decide if we need to see you as well.

To complete a self-referral to the midwives visit,

You must download the form, fill it in and send it to the email address provided.

Please forward the copy of your referral to the midwives at Surrey Quays:

Please note if you do not forward your self referal to the above email, there may be a delay in booking your appointment.
Midwives do not take self-referrals from other GP clinics. A team member is allocated to you based on due date. Each midwife arranges a booking and follow-up appointments for their own women.

You should hear back from the hospital after a couple of weeks, giving you an appointment date. If you have not heard after two weeks please contact us at the surgery and ask to speak to one of the administration team.

The Midwife and Pregnancy Services are based at St Thomas’ Hospital. However the Midwife will send you appointments to see her here at the Health Centre.

Midwife appointments are currently on Monday mornings, Tuesday and Fridays your first appointment with the midwife should generally take place between 8-12 weeks of pregnancy. If you have not received a date for your first midwife appointment after two weeks, you should contact us at the surgery and ask to speak to the Practice Secretary.

All pregnant women should be taking folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy. You can buy this over the counter without prescription.

You are entitled to free NHS prescriptions and free NHS dental care when pregnant. You will need to get a completed FW8 from the surgery, you do not need an appointment for this – you can phone and leave a message. We will need to know your expected date of delivery; you may want to leave this until you’ve had your first appointment at the hospital. It would take 5 working days for the form to be ready.

We can refer to other hospitals for antenatal care but this would mean you do not see our local midwives. We do not encourage booking elsewhere but are happy to discuss.

Click here for more information about care during and after the birth of your baby

Antenatal classes are provided by the midwives on 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of the month at Surrey Docks Health Centre from 10.00-12.30. No need to book if you are under our care. The second class is attended by all the midwives whenever possible. It’s an opportunity for the women to meet the team as we aim to provide labour care for all our women by providing 24 hour on-call cover. We also provide postnatal care for all our women at home and at the clinics.

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