Referral to Secondary Care

If you have a problem which the Drs feel requires specialist assistance in either the diagnosis or management then you will be referred on to the appropriate specialist.

NHS Referrals

In the NHS, secondary care is purchased for patients by the local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group), in our case Southwark CCG. The CCG places contracts with various NHS hospital trusts. Our local hospitals are Guys, St Thomas, and Kings College. Living in London it is easy to forget how fortunate we are in having access to three of the best hospitals in the country.

Patients can be referred to almost any hospital they request. There are a few exceptions for example certain Operational centres that will only accept referrals from other hospitals. Mental Health Services are local so referrals have to be within the borough.

The majority of NHS referrals are now arranged by using the NHS e-referral services (formerly known as Choose & Book). The system will be explained to you if you are referred but the links below may be of interest:

NHS Choices: NHS -Referral Service

Private Referrals

For patients who wish to be seen privately, making use of their own private health insurance or paying directly we are happy to arrange this. You will need to discuss with a clinician, via telephone appointment, and if they need to see you they will book an appointment. Please note we do not fill in forms or write referral letters retrospectively. If you have private health insurance you MUST check with your insurer before making the appointment that the proposed hospital or consultant is approved by them. You are advised that unless you work for a very big company it is likely that any pre-existing medical conditions will NOT be covered- check with your insurer first of all.

Although at present we do not charge for actual private referral letters if we have to fill in a claim form there will be a charge. When filling in such a form we are under a legal obligation to reveal any pre –existing medical problems.

Once your GP has referred you, our practice secretary Margaret Gambier sends the letter to the nominated specialist. If you have any queries relating to your referral letter you should contact Margaret via the main switchboard number.

Opthalmology Referrals