Smoking Cessation

There is never a bad time to stop smoking. Quitting cigarettes is not easy and it can be a lonely process. Here at the practice registered patients can make use of a smoking cessation service run by the practice nurse and our health care assistants.

A smoking cessation appointment with the nurse is the first step to a smoke free life. At the appointment you are able to discuss your reasons for smoking and the difficulties you expect to face whilst giving up in a judgment free environment. There are ways to see how much money you will save by giving up smoking, an opportunity to discuss the realistic health benefits and so on.

Advice will be available in regards to what aids you might like to use, including Nicotine Replacement Therapy – patches, chewing gum etc. You can discuss all of these at your appointment. You will also be invited back for further face to face or by phone progress appointments so we can check you are coping ok and so we can be a support. These appointments very important to the overall chance of you being successful.